Bad Product Design for Multi-Team Services: You have to be part of only one team!

I started to see this bad product design of having personal and team accounts linked together on some services. Most of them are doing wrong! The biggest limitation to be able to only have one team linked along with personal accounts. Two popular ones that drove me crazy lately!

  • Dropbox
  • Quip

Don’t these companies think there are millions of freelancers that have to be part of multiple teams? I’m not a freelancer but I have multiple initiatives and I want to use them on my mobile devices, desktop and I actively participate. Unfortunately, I have to keep logout and login on the browser. Sucks for Dropbox! Honestly, it doesn’t fully deserve a huge chunk of money I pay for these services every month. Please do it right if you’re calling this feature “Teams”. It’s not team dude, it’s just collaboration.

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