Just launched my newest product in ProductHunt: Sheet2Cal – Organize calendar events inside from your Google Sheets doc.

Sheet2Cal helps you to sync your event data from Google Sheets to your favorite calendar app. Plan and collaborate your events (social media/editorial content, wedding & travel planning) freely on Google Sheets and export it easily to a calendar subscription using Sheet2Cal.

Sheet2Cal creates a complete calendar event by using the information in a Google Sheets doc you want. It helps you to schedule and update your calendar events (Such as social media, wedding & travel planning) inside from your Google Sheets doc.

Back Story

At Nomad Interactive, we love to create various tools to make our lives easier. And we share it with the world if we think it makes the same impact for others! Sheet2Cal was born during such a need.

When uploading a shot to Dribbble, we were doing our content planning, such as title, description, in a Google Sheet document for team review and collaboration. In addition to that, we were also creating a calendar event with similar information as a reminder to ourselves – when to publish each post on our shared calendars.

During the review process, we had to make every change we made on the post document in the relevant calendar entry. To prevent this unnecessary step, we developed Sheet2Cal and started making our entire calendar organization using our main Google Sheets document, from creating an event to updating it. Then we thought that this would work in many different subjects and decided to share it with everyone for free!

Now you can use Sheet2Cal as you wish for your similar needs! If you have any problems or anything you want to ask, we would love to help as a team!

To show your support, you can visit the Product Hunt page and give us a 💬 shout or an 👍 upvote!

You can also visit the project page here: https://sheet2cal.com/

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