WDS (World Domination Summit)

WDS - Welcome Adventurer

An unusual gathering happens every year in Portland, OR. Well at least it is going to happen one last time next year.

WDS is an event bringing radical, open minds to share world dominating ideas that creates impact on multiple fronts. General theme is to be, think unconventional, to explore different view points on both common and uncommon topics like housing, work, living free, being creative. All for having a purpose in life and work, being impactful to human kind, supporting communities. WDS built it’s own community too.

Snapshots from the WDS

Having so many interesting walks of lives gathered and opening themselves up to each other, understand each other, support each other, be vulnerable, share big ideas, seek ways to be useful, be better human beings. Many radical meetups, discussions takes place throughout the conference, and out of it, a lot of sparks happens. People open, listen, think and change in this conference.

It was exactly like what expected, to me. I didn’t radically change, but I made great friends, heard a lot of inspiring stories, took tons of notes, questioned things a lot…

I’ve observed (didn’t attend for dumb excuses) for 2 years. Then this year (2019) attended to the conference. I will attend the next (and the last one) as well.